Azure Blob Storage Web Explorer with Azure AD Authentication



It’s an improved version of the old Azure Blob Storage Web Explorer here that include the Azure AD authentication, this application let you manage and explorer your blob storage account over the web.

What’s new ?

All features in the previous version still exist in this version, you can check for all documentation here.

This version integrates Azure AD authentication with two modes: private mode and public mode. You can also use it without any authentication.

Private Mode

This mode authenticated users work in their private space in given blob container, each user is connected to his own root folder, where he can create and manage his files and folders.

Azure blob storage Azure AD
Public Mode

In this mode, authenticated users have access to all blob container, so they can view and work on all container files and folders.

Wa can imagine that this mode can be used by the blob administrator.

Azure blob storage explorer Azure AD


The application is developed under Blazor .NET Core and delivred as folder package, you can deploy it in almost system.

in IIS/Windows : Here you can found how deploy .NET Core pckage in IIS.

in Azure : Also you can found here how deploy package fiel system to Azure.


Application Settings

In appsettings.json file, section « AppSettings », this section allow to configure the application settings.

"AppSettings": {
    "DropDownListLabel": "Storage container",
    "Title": "BlobExplorer",
    "TitleSup": "V2",
    "Mode": "AAD_PUBLIC",
    "PhotoProfileExtension": "png"
  • DropDownListLabel (1) : Set the dropdown list label, if multiple container are configured.
  • Title (2) and TitleSup (3) : Set the application title, visible at top left of the page
  • Mode : Set authorization mode for users, three values are possible : AAD_PUBLIC for public mode, AAD_PRIVATE for private mode and NONE to using application without any Azure AD authentication.
  • PhotoProfileExtension (4) : Set photo profile file extension to load, visible at top right of the screen.

You can check the setting render in the screen bellow :

Blob web explorer

In « BlobConnectionString » section, set a list of blob container to manage. You can explore one or more container at the same time.

"BlobConnectionString": [
      "id": "1",
      "connectionString": "Storage_Account_Conneciton_String_1",
      "container": "Container_Name_1"
      "id": "2",
      "connectionString": "Storage_Account_Conneciton_String_2",
      "container": "Container_Name_2"
Azure Settings

If the application is deployed in Azure Cloud PaaS, you must to set some settings.

At first you must install one Signalr service resource in Azure portal. It’s very simple install it.

Here is the list of parameter to add :

Azure settings
Azure__SignalR__ConnectionString<your signalr connection string>


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