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Azure Blob Storage Api




Azure Blob Storage API Explorer with source code is a powerfull API for managing Azure blob storage that allows developers or consumers to perform most common file operations like reading, creating, copying, moving, renaming and dowloading files or folders. This API also fully documented over Swagger tools.

You can call this API from any other web or mobile application so you can perform actions directly on your blob storage with complete transparency

You can buy this API with source code by clicking on the link below


The following table represents the operations available in Azure storage web explorer API :

search Searches for items matching the search string in the current and sub folders
read Read the content of files or folders available in the given path
create Create new folder in the current path
delete Delete files or folders
copy Copy selected file or folder to target path
move Cut selected file or folder
rename Rename the selected file or folder
download Download one or multiple file from blob storage
upload Upload file to the current path in blob storage

Live demo

View the live demo here

Getting started

Technology Features

  • IDE : Visual studio 2019/2017
  • .Net Core 3.1
  • C#
  • Swagger

Launch the Application

  • Unzip project file
  • With MS Visual Studio, Launch the *.sln file
  • In Solution Explorer window, right-click on BlobStorageWebExplorer.Api project and click on Set as startup project menu
  • Rebuild the solution
  • All nuget packages needed are already included in solution
  • You must set your Azure blob storage account in appsettings file as explained below


Azure bob storage account settings

In order to manage you Azure blob storage, you must set your account in app settings file.

In application folder, edit « appsettings.json » file by setting your Azure blob storage connection string and container name as following :

  "BlobConnectionString": {
    "connectionString": "<here your azure blob storage connection string>",
    "container": "<here your container name>"

Publish and deploy


The Azure blob storage API explorer is developed with .Net core 3.1 technology wich it is portable and is ready to run in any compatible environment provided the corresponding framework, either .NET Core. This means relies on a shared version of .NET Core that’s installed on the Computer / Server on all operating system :

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows

Here you can find the .Net Core Run Time corresponding to each version of the operating system used. (Take the last version)


Install on IIS (windows)

Step 1 : Enabling IIS

First you must enable IIS on your machine if not.

On Window desktop
Enable IIS on desktop Windows like (win 10, 7)
On Windows Server
Step 2 : Install .Net Core hosting bundle

Before you deploy the Azure blob storage API explorer, you need to install .Net core hosting bundle for IIS. This will install the .Net Core runtime.

Step 3 : Setting Application Pools

Right clic on Application pools :

  1. Right clic on Application pools
  2. Clic on « Add Application Pool »
  3. Set .NET CLR version to « No Managed Code »
Step 4 : Create application in IIS

Create IIS application under your web site :

  1. Right clic on Default Web Site
  2. Click on Add application
  3. Set the Application pool to the pool created
  4. Set the physical path
Step 5 : Deploy API
  1. Unzip the deliverable
  2. Copy the content to the physical path that you specified when creating the application
  3. Lunch the API : <domain_name>/application_name/swagger

Install on linux

To install on linux OS, please refer to :


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